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Power On Pilates Mat Class - Thornton

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Limited spots available so BOOK NOW and reserve your spot in the next available class.

What is PILATES?

More than just a great work out for the physical body! Pilates is a form of exercise developed in the 1920’s to work the mind and muscle in harmony, and is great for those looking to achieve graceful movement, long lean muscles and a strong stream lined physique.


Pilates is a common method of mind-body fitness and is gentle enough to be used by physiotherapists as a rehabilitation tool, right through to top level dancers and athletes for body conditioning. This form of exercise works to strengthen all of the muscles in the body, is low impact and is one of the most effective ways to change body shape, improve posture and tone up.


Exercise regimes are challenging and can achieve fantastic results for any fitness level or any age. From those wishing to improve their strength, flexibility, and physical fitness, to those with injuries, or during pregnancy. In short this form of exercise is great for anyone.

How often should i do PILATES?

One session a week does provide some results, but nowhere near the results that can be achieved if the frequency is increased. Routine is one of the key principals of the Pilates method.


Regular practice is essential to ensure gains in strength and flexibility continue to progress, and to ensure the brain and muscles don’t forget the new movements that are being taught each session.


Power On Pilates Mat Class - Thornton
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